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The Full Story

Why The Rolling Crepe?

The name came about based on two things. 

First, we are a mobile business and even though at this time we are under a tent, at some point we plan to grow into a food truck that can roll into events everywhere.  

Second, is the style of crepe we serve.  Known as Japanese Street Crepes or sometime Tokyo Style.  These are different in how they are served from a traditional French style which is served on a plate to be eaten sitting down.  A street crepe is rolled (get it now?) and filled with fruit and whipped cream and can be eaten while walking around-thus a street crepe.


The Crepe

In addition to our rolled presentation, we also use a traditional Japanese style of batter.  Our batter uses more eggs and vanilla than the French style which gives our crepes a richer aroma and an irresistible flavor.



Using our large cast iron crepe irons we are able to make a huge 16" crepe.  Once this is filled and rolled it provides a very rich and filling treat.  

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